Why choose us against anyone else? Not only is our cleaning more superior but we offer guarantees to back it up!

We do annual deep clean for free!

*maximum 8 hours

30% discount on carpet cleaning

Either at the office or a home!

Tracking staff

Ensuring cleaning hours are completed with TSheets

Non disclosure agreement

For any sensitive paperwork they may see lying around!

Does your cleaning companies start well, but then you see the standards slip?

Do you regularly have to ask your cleaning contractor to cover tasks they’re missing from the original agreement?


If “YES” to either – or both then, contact us today to improve your work environment.


Our guarantee ensures agreed standards are met and maintained.

Allowing you to get on with the day-to-day running of your business. Our professional team are consistent and flexible to ensure your premises are always pristine. That is why we are trusted by our numerous long-standing clients.

Improved cleaning

or your whole week of cleaning will be FREE*


Unrivalled reliability

If we miss a clean, that whole week of cleaning will be FREE *


You’re in control

No fixed period contracts and you decide the notice period



We even designate a day each week you clear your desks and we clean the keyboard, phone and monitor. It’s the little things that go along way.


It's been two very happy years now :). I get my office cleaned three times a week by New Clean! Superb service, can't recommend them enough.

Charlotte Lewis

5 top reasons to choice Newclean office cleaning

  1. An office cleaning service tailored to your needs
  2. High quality cleaning processes
  3. Managed absence cover for an uninterrupted cleaning schedule
  4. Well-trained and experienced cleaning staff
  5. Flexibility to meet any extra short notice requirements